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4 Wins - 11 Losses

E20 at Old Hampton July 18th (Won 17-27)

E20 at Old Hampton July 11th (Lost 29-10)

M10 at Riverfront July 6th (Lost 19-13)

X31 at Sleepy Hole June 29th (Lost 30-15)

A572 at Cypress Creek June 20th (Won 10-19)

ARG at Cypress Creek June 15th (Lost 17-14)

O46 at Cypress Creek May 23rd (Lost 4-1)

X10 at Cypress Creek May 16th (Won 22-24)

CRF at Old Hampton May 11th (Won 14-29)

E75 at Riverfront May 2nd (Lost 30-27)

ENGR at Old Hampton April 25th (Lost 22-19)

SCM at Sleepy Hole April 21st (Lost 31-23)

O19 at Sleepy Hole (Back 9) April 13th (Lost 32-26)

O87 at Sleepy Hole April 6th (Lost 26-13)

E25 at Riverfront March 30th (Lost 28-22)


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Ben Woodruff (